All fun.
All the time.

weddings.  live events.  parties…  let’s roll.

To say that Denny Testa is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard is a bit of an understatement.  If you’re tired of the same old dj, playing the same music and wearing the same tux again and again, you’re in the right place.  An East Coast guy with some West Coast flair, Denny continues to surprise and impress clients as a true entertainer – he brings life and energy to make any event a party and memorable experience that your guests are sure to remember. That being said, denny digs couples that are super fun and looking to have one BIG party. Come on in and say hey and let denny go over his vibe and style. With limited bookings every year, be sure to meet him soon as his schedule books out fast.

Read, watch, and listen.  Learn how Denny Testa is raising the bar for event entertainment and helping make memories along the way.